Welcome to this edition of Modern Sales Point of View. Today we hear from the terrific Tito Bohrt, Founder & CEO of AltiSales. Tito discusses what’s changing in B2B sales, what sales tactics are working, and why being targeted in your outreach will get you better results than trying to play the volume game.

What’s changing in B2B Sales?

In Tito’s mind, sales development today is much more difficult than it was five or ten years ago. “Everybody’s getting blasted with hundreds of emails every day,” says Tito. “It’s pretty hard to break through that noise and get a prospect’s attention.”

What’s not working in B2B Sales?

“What’s not working is playing the volume game rather than the quality game,” says Tito. If he can tell he’s just being spammed without any care put into the outreach, he automatically deletes those messages—and he knows he’s not the only one. Instead of trying to hit higher and higher numbers in terms of email sends and cold calls, Tito recommends salespeople focus on quality and personalization. By showing the prospect that you’ve done your research, you demonstrate that you understand their business and can help them improve. “Be very targeted,” says Tito, “show me why: why me and why now.”

What’s working in B2B Sales?

Tito’s answer is simple: providing value. Though it may seem obvious, it’s incredibly effective. People appreciate that you’ve put in the effort to understand their company and challenges. “If you can show within the first two or three minutes that you understand what they do and how you would amplify or improve that with your offering,” says Tito, you’re going to be successful.

Let’s play sales word association!

As a little bonus, we played word association with Tito using sales buzzwords. Stay tuned to see if you can relate!

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Carina Rampelt