“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

You know, I never understood that phrase. Why would anyone waste money (or effort) on buying or making a cake if they aren’t allowed to eat it? (Mmmmm…cake…)

Same goes for video. Why put in all that effort, resources, and time if you’re just going to leave it there and let it go mouldy? Enjoy the yummy awesomeness of the cake, and make sure you’re putting it to work for you to get you a whole lot of customers.

Okay, my metaphor is starting to break down a bit here, so let me get to the point. Ready? Here’s the point. The point is:

Video isn’t just for marketing.

Whaat?! It’s true. Whether you’re new or consider yourself an expert in the video marketing scene, have you given thought to how video can help your sales teams? Video is perfect for top-of-funnel and mid-funnel content, but sales people can (and should!) be using it to get more customers, faster.

If you’re using video strategically to attract and engage leads, you may have the analytics that tell you which leads are most interested in which of your products. When you have information like that, sales teams can use it to engage with leads and develop lasting relationships with customers.

Engage with leads using video

Imagine, you’re thinking about buying a certain product that you’ve had your eye on, you’ve checked out their website and watched a few of the company’s videos. And then, you receive a video from a salesperson that has been personalized to your own interests! They’re talking to you about the product you were just thinking about, and answer questions you had before providing their personal contact information. You feel like you’re talking to an actual, real, live person with a face and a personality, as opposed to receiving calls you want to block and emails you filter into spam. Now wouldn’t that be an engaging (and converting!) experience!

Salespeople can use video analytics to determine when and how much of a video each lead watched, helping them to have better, targeted conversations with leads right in the moment that counts.

Connect leads with the information they need

More than just for initial conversations, sales teams can send potential customers all the information they need to help make a purchase decision. But they don’t have to send boring text document after document. Try a video case study, or a video testimonial, or video FAQs. These videos can be shared around a lead’s company so that everyone can get on board! Engaging videos create advocates like no other content type.

Keep customers feeling connected with you

So, once you’ve won over a lead and turned them into a customer, should you leave them to their own devices and just touch base when it’s time to renew a subscription or buy the latest product? Uh…no. Video can help make customers feel like they’re part of a big, happy family. They can see your faces and feel engaged with content that has been personalized just for them. Help answer further questions, or show them content on up-and-coming products and services that may be a great fit for their needs.

This is just a taste of what you can do…

Want a deeper look and more details on how video and sales together can totally change the game? Join us on November 23 at 2PM ET for our newest webinar called How to Use Video in the Sales Process to Close More Deals. Cake not included.


Emily Ross