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Who is Tradeshift?

If there is one word to describe demand generation at Tradeshift, it would be “agile”. Generating leads and moving them through the funnel at one of the fastest growing financial services platforms in the world isn’t easy. That’s why Travis Bickham, who oversees this process, says his team has to always be on their toes; constantly adapting to the changing needs of their customers and the business.

Traditionally Tradeshift has focused on doing business with large corporations, giving them powerful tools to manage their procurement efforts. Recently, they have been looking to expand into the lucrative mid-market category. That’s when the executives asked the demand generation team for help. Travis knew they had to deliver results quickly, and he needed to be able to prove it.


How are campaigns actually performing?

Business with billion dollar companies has typically followed the same demand generation playbook for years: grab their attention with white papers, give them a lead score, and then let your sales team do the rest. And although this formula was working, Travis quickly realized that not only was it cost-ineffective, it didn’t scale, or provide the digital footprint he needed. In order to stand out in the massively competitive mid-market category, Tradeshift needed to do something new.


When I sit down with our executives and with my peers I’m more confident because of the data that I’m armed with thanks to Vidyard


Demand & Content Marketing


Enter, Vidyard!

Good marketers build video around campaigns. Great marketers build campaigns around video. Travis knew that video usage was on the rise. Big time. As a Vidyard customer, Travis was able to use the platform’s powerful analytics to observe that customers were watching a lot of video before ever talking to sales teams. In fact, a recent Think with Google report confirmed that nearly 75% of B2B buyers were watching video during some point in the purchase decision.

“Video lets us put the viewer in the shoes of someone using our product. It’s very compelling.”

Using video as the basis for all demand generation efforts would help Tradeshift accelerate leads and accounts down the funnel by having engaging content and lead scoring at every stage. As a bonus? Vidyard’s industry-leading integrations were able to provide Travis with those metrics that his bosses were looking for. Whenever he needs them, reports can be created in seconds to show the number of leads, conversions, and opportunity revenue his team helped drive.

Educating users before they talked to sales? Check. Using video to follow up after that important sales call? Check. Filling in any knowledge gaps along the journey? Check. Knowing that a customer is interested in an upsell opportunity before you even talk to them? Priceless.

”Going into meetings with executives, I’m armed with detailed video campaign data. I have more confidence, thanks to Vidyard.”

Always looking for ways to innovate and stand out, and impressed with the results they had seen so far, Travis was drawn to the promise of Vidyard’s personalization technology and the ability to individualize a single video at scale. Tradeshift sent out a holiday video to a group of prospects. Each received their own unique video, with their name appearing within the video. The result was a piece of content so engaging that even Travis was surprised by the success.

10% of marketing-driven opportunities would eventually come from that video campaign. Even more impressive: when all was said and done, the cost per opportunity ended up being less than the cost per lead, an unheard-of stat in the world of demand generation. “The results prove that video is an underrecognized content medium.”

Our personalized video campaign produced the highest ROI of any program we’ve run by a significant amount. The response was incredible, resulting in a lower cost-per-opportunity than what we typically see as our average cost-per-lead for other campaigns and programs.

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