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Hey, Reva here. Welcome to this week's edition of Video Vednesday–your weekly video selling tip.

Ever get the feeling of uncertainty when blindly sending out text-based messages? Has someone misinterpreted something you've written? It's not a great feeling. So this week we wanted to focus on some tactical ways you can build trust in your outreach efforts. Video is a great way to reach that ghost buyer. You know that contact that wants to avoid a sales person at all costs. They much prefer to go deep on your website and research then speak to someone. So, video then becomes a great way to reach out, teach them something or explain something, and build rapport.

This gives them at least part of what they need without having to get on a call all well building trust for when they're finally ready to connect. You can check out this and a few other tactics for building trust over on our blog. And if you haven't already downloaded Vidyard GoVideo so you can start putting these tips into practice.

Happy Video Selling!