Wishes do come true

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A few wishes granted

From a marketing standpoint, Terminus has always been focused on humanizing our brand, and there is no better way than videos that make it happen.

— Sangram Vajre
CMO, Terminus

Our BDR team has found video an indispensable tool for hyper personalization to get a buyer’s attention. Our Account Executives use videos following a sales meeting to summarize how we solve the buyer’s current challenges and the agreed-upon follow-up.

— Jay Hedges
VP Sales, Uberflip

If you’re not already using video, you’re already behind.

— Stephanie Totty
Content Marketing, ExamSoft

I added video to our inbound content strategy and couldn’t believe the response. It was like the explosion of social media all over again, everyone saw the value of video. Our customers, my bosses, everyone.

— Mikey Goldman
Video Producer, Zuora