The definitive guide to video for sales

Why use video for sales

If your sales reps could be there in-person to close the deal, they would. But how often does that happen these days? The same communication technologies that allow sales teams to do deals remotely also make the act of buying less personal. Phone calls and emails strip away all the humanity and, in some ways, make selling harder.

The fix? Video. And not just for live product demos, but at every single stage of the sales cycle. One-way video—known as asynchronous video—sustains that much-needed face-to-face connection and is nothing short of a sales secret weapon.

This guide explains how to use it to crush your quota.

5 reasons you should be using video for sales

  1. Break through inboxes: Video communications earn 3x more responses
  2. Build relationships at a distance: Video makes prospects feel like they know you, which makes them emotionally committed and responsive
  3. Explain complex topics simply: Videos allow you to show, not just tell, and explain more thoroughly
  4. Save time: Higher response rates mean more time spent actually selling
  5. Accelerate deal cycles: Some companies cut their deal cycle in half with video
No prospect ever said, ‘Sorry, I’d rather read a long email full of attachments.’
Ellen Stafford

Senior Manager of Business Development, Vidyard

This guide explores all the ways you can use video to turbocharge your sales team’s efforts, from prospecting through to purchase and renewal. It’s also filled with video selling strategies from six sales experts and includes more than 30 examples of sales videos that helped close real deals.

Learn from sales leaders

  • Trish Bertuzzi, Founder and CEO, Bridge Group
  • Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth, LeadIQ
  • Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life
  • Michelle Benfer, VP of Sales, HubSpot
  • Marcus Sheridan, Owner, IMPACT
  • Dan Wardle, Head of Business Development, Vidyard

Enjoy, and happy selling!

– The Vidyard Team

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