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December 6, 2016

3 Sales Emails Proven to Boost Reply Rates by 8x

If you’re like most sales reps, you know how hard it is to stand out and get noticed. The average prospect receives more than 100 emails a day, and you have just 8 seconds to get their attention. So how can sales emails cut through all the noise, increase click-through rates by 5x and send open-to-reply rates soaring by over 8x? Keep reading…

At Vidyard, we’ve been obsessing over how to reach our prospective customers in a way that not only grabs their attention and elicits a response, but also puts the ‘human’ back in selling. Automation tools and the rise of AI in selling, have made it incredibly easy to reach masses of prospective customers with seemingly hyper-personalized outreach. Inevitably, buyers have become numb to these so-called “personalized” emails, which is why our team at Vidyard has chosen to use video in order to connect with our leads via email.

Since our team began prospecting with video, we’ve seen our click-through-rates surge by 5x, and our open-to-reply rates jump to 25%.

Here are three easy ways you can use video for higher impact in prospecting and selling:

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1. Webcam Selfie Videos

The first video email that’s going to help you stand out is a webcam selfie video. This sales email allows you to speak to your prospect directly. Think of this as a “video voicemail”, allowing you to put a face to your email and clearly articulate why you’re attempting to reach the recipient of your email.

Check out Heba’s webcam selfie video:

When coaching SDRs on how to create and send these videos, focus on the importance of authenticity and being genuine. Best practice is to not overly script these videos so that they don’t come across as robotic. Plus, people can tell if you’re reading – which immediately sucks the personal nature out of the video. Jot down a few key points, take one dry run and then go for it!

Pro Tips:

  • Keep it short (60-90 seconds). The number of people who sit through a video greater than 90 seconds drops to just 37%.
  • Use a pair of headphones with a built-in-mic to improve the audio quality of your video
  • Set your laptop up in a windowsill to get better, more natural lighting on your face


2. Screen Capture Videos

Need to share more than your pretty face? No problem, share your screen in a sales email to capture attention and communicate more information.

Here’s an example I created today:

With tools like the Vidyard Chrome extension, you can quickly create, send, and track screen capture videos directly within your browser. Here are a couple ideas to help you use this approach to stand out and get noticed in inboxes:

  • LinkedIn Profile: Craft a video walkthrough of your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, highlighting key aspects of their accomplishments that compelled you to reach out to them.
  • Owned Content: Walk through their website or an article they wrote to show them that you’ve taken the time to research how you would be able to add value to their role or company.
  • Product Tour: Capture a guided tour of your product or service created specifically for the prospective customer. Include their name, company, or logo in the demo to help them envision using your product.

The key here is finding the right thumbnail image or splash screen to include in your email. The thumbnail image can make all the difference as to whether or not your prospects click play on the video that you’ve made just for them. Better their LinkedIn profile or website than your product or website. Remember, this is about them, not you.

Just think: if you opened an email and your own LinkedIn profile was staring back at you, wouldn’t you be interested to hear what that video had to say about you?

Pro Tips:

  • Start with a compelling thumbnail image that will capture the recipient’s attention by showing them the video is custom just for them
  • Have all your tabs set up and loaded ahead of time so as not to waste precious time loading pages in your video
  • Be mindful of what’s in your inbox if you’re showing your email (sensitive company data, customer names or email addresses), or what notifications might pop up if you’re sharing your whole screen.  

3. Recap and Repurpose Content

After you’ve connected with a prospective customer, sending a video call summary can be easier and more effective than typing up a long email.

Record a personalized thank you message that will help build rapport by putting a face to the voice your prospective customer just spoke with over the phone.

If you have multiple points to cover, put them on a slide and capture your screen on video to help keep the conversation focused.

This is also a great opportunity to re-purpose existing video content from marketing and sales enablement like customer testimonials, product overviews or how-to content. Jenn shows how she does this in the following example:

You can curate the best video content to help keep the deal moving forward, and personalize it to the prospect by recording a custom introduction video. The end result is a highly personalized follow up that leverages the best assets you have to offer – all in just a few seconds.

Pro Tip:

  • Content without context is meaningless! Be sure to add context to the videos you’ve attached. Explain how they are applicable to the prospective customer and how they tie back to your recent conversation. This will make off-the-shelf video content feel super personalized and custom.
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Terrance Kwok

Terrance is the Sales Development Manager at Vidyard. He's obsessed with tech enabled and data driven sales. He's been told that he has poor taste in music. Check his Spotify history to confirm.

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