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October 18, 2016

4 Video Marketing Strategies to Help You Get Better Results Right Now

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into video marketing, or maybe you have hundred and hundreds of amazing videos on your YouTube page, or even better, in a video marketing platform. Either way, your priority isn’t video views, it’s about bringing in results to impress your leaders, generate leads, build pipeline and help close deals. Yes, you really can do all of that with video! If you’re feeling a little panicked or not in-the-know, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Did you know that a lot of companies aren’t using video at their full potential? Each day businesses are missing out new leads, and new customers using video. The thing is, businesses all over the world believe in the power of video, but don’t quite understand how to translate video content into tangible results their executives will appreciate. The good news is: you don’t have to be one of them! Here are four strategies to help you drive real business results with your video marketing.

1. Map video content to your buyer journey and buyer personas

If you want to build video content that serves a purpose, it’s important to define what stages of your buyer journey are lacking in content. For instance, if you’re noticing a lot of prospects show a lot of interest and then become disengaged right before they would buy, an informative video at the bottom of the funnel, like a demo or tutorial on how to use your product, could be the solution. Mapping your content to the buyer journey is key to making sure you’re providing all the information your prospects (at any stage!) would want from you.

Same idea goes for your buyer personas. If you’re just starting out with video, it’s strongly recommended you allocate your production budget to the personas most likely to drive revenue and pipeline. Build videos for the decision-makers first (but don’t forget to build out videos for the rest of your audience, too, since they will help you generate leads as well)!

2. Align Marketing and Sales for efficiency and stronger results

If you plan on making marketing videos, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind and collaborate with the people in your organization who are front and center with prospects. Typically your sales team knows more about your customers than anyone else in the company, and they’ll have some amazing ideas on how you can communicate value in your videos. If the video is later in the buyer journey, consider making a video that can be used by marketing and sales teams, for example a customer testimonial video that can live on your website, and also be sent by a sales rep to a qualified lead. Sharing is caring, and you’ll notice that videos serving multiple departments will perform much better than those that serve a singular goal. You will be able to generate leads from them and also be able to prove the impact of your video content on closed deals. Results like that are really impressive!

 3. Optimize your video content and social channels

Did you know that only 19% of businesses are properly optimizing their videos by A/B split testing their video splash screen (the thumbnail image) to select the most click-worthy image, “gating” their videos by asking for viewers’ emails, and adding strategic calls-to-action to drive conversion along a content journey. Optimizing your content is fundamental to making sure your video marketing strategies are a success. Your videos should never fade to black and leave your audience questioning “Now what?” These optimization techniques can help you achieve higher click-through rates, generate more leads, and nurture leads more effectively.

Don’t forget to optimize your social channels, too. Having your videos on a social channel such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube are an amazing opportunity to build awareness, but are these videos funneling back into your website content? All social media platforms have the ability to build clickable calls-to-action. It’s important to use these at their full potential and direct your prospects to the most relevant content at the time when they want it the most. Don’t forget about SEO either! Make sure you search your keywords, and insert them into your descriptions so you increase the likelihood of video discovery.

 4. Integrate video into your marketing technology

As we know as modern marketers, it’s important to know exactly how our campaigns are performing. The best way to build a return on investment for your video or content performance is by integrating your video marketing platform with your marketing automation platform (MAP), and customer relationship management software.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to discover exactly how your audience is responding to your videos, like what each person is watching, re-watching, or skipping. This behavior indicates their interest in you, and when it’s integrated with your MAP, you can lead-score these viewers to discover who isn’t interested, who needs to be nurtured (and with what content), and who you should follow up with immediately. The entire process, from an initial view, to a qualified lead, to a closed sale, can be tracked and monitored by connecting platforms such as Vidyard, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Brendan McCrann

Brendan McCrann

With an extensive education in marketing and digital experience, Brendan is a hands-on creative type who brings a unique combination of video production and marketing consulting skill to every content engagement. As founder of a B2B technology startup company, Brendan is keenly aware of the challenges businesses face on a daily basis. When Brendan isn’t plugged into his Mac making videos, you can find him on a campsite taking recordings of the great outdoors, in the bunker on a golf course, or in the middle of a match with the alumni of his high school ping pong team.

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