Let’s face it, regardless of how successful a rep you are, we can all use some fresh ideas every once in awhile. And since I’d bet that every one of your prospects and their dog is bombarded with sales messaging each day, you need a way to stand out.

You need to get personal.

But you probably already knew that, so let’s cut to the chase and dive into 5 new ideas for personalized sales outreach you can start using today.

1. Send a Personal Video Message

There’s nothing quite like receiving a message in your inbox that someone took time out of their day to create for you in a medium that barely anyone else is using for outreach: video.

With overstuffed inboxes and overworked employees, a personal video message can be your best avenue for cutting through the noise. Use a whiteboard with the prospect’s name on it or some other way to personalize the video’s visuals so the thumbnail is personal, too. Then embed that video thumbnail in your email, include “video” in your subject line, and you are off to the races! If you’re anything like other reps using video, you’ll see something like 5x higher click-through rates and 8x higher response rates!

Check out this example from Heba, below:

Want a simple, free video creation tool to try this with? Try Vidyard GoVideo (Formerly ViewedIt).

2. Share Relevant Content with a Personalized Touch

Sharing content that’s helpful and relevant to your prospects is a great way to show them that you’re relevant to them. The two biggest opportunities in sharing content are:

  1. To include a personal message on why this content is relevant to them, and
  2. Not to overwhelm them with too much content. We’d recommend sticking to a minimum of 3 assets or videos and no more. Otherwise, it starts to feel like you haven’t personalized your recommendations.

A great tool for this is Uberflip’s Sales Streams, which allows you to share a collection of relevant content assets with a personalized message.

3. Ship Something Through Snail Mail

No, this doesn’t mean we’re regressing. The truth of the matter is that people’s inboxes are so incredibly crowded these days and yet, their mail slots remain relatively empty. And plus, most people still love receiving a good piece of old fashioned mail. But make it count and sure, probably only do this for your high-value, cream-of-the-crop prospects as it can be moderately more time consuming and does involve some cost.

Ideas for things you can send through the mail are:

  • Company swag that they’d actually want to use or would provide a reminder of you when they use it or see it
  • A “getting started kit” that helps them start to learn best practices around the solution you provide
  • A book (yes, a real, physical book!) related to specific interests or author you’ve spoken about before

Always remember to include a personal note from you and hey, sometimes you can probably even get your marketing team involved if you and the rest of your reps want to do a small blitz out to your key target accounts.

4. Send a Thank You Video as Follow-Up

After you’ve spent time connecting with your prospect over email or on the phone, it’s always a smart idea to thank them. And since building relationships with your prospects is so important to a successfully closed deal, it’s important that it’s genuine. But sometimes a generic, quickly written email doesn’t cut it. In fact, most times it comes across as much more insincere.

Instead, create a more personal connection with this hot prospect of yours by sending them a quick thank you video. This gives the impression that you created this video just for them (and didn’t just copy and paste some text and hit “send”).

5. Engage with Prospects on Social, Regularly

Connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn is one thing, but you can’t just go straight in for the hard sell without expecting to be rejected. Just like in the “real world”, your best bet is to build a rapport.

Engaging with prospects through Twitter or LinkedIn 1-3 times before reaching out via email can be a great way to ease into this new relationship. Comment on their posts, share a related article, or congratulate them on a career move. It’s all part of the foundation that’ll lead to a personal connection, a stronger relationship, and a closed deal.

Want more? Keep learning about personal video with our live session on “3 Ways Top Sales Teams are Killing it with Personal Video”. You’ll learn how to:

  • Boost your response rates by creating 1:1 personalized videos
  • Identify your best opportunities by leveraging audience data
  • Accelerate deal cycles by building better relationships with personal video

Kimbe MacMaster