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March 24, 2015

Posting Video Content Online: 5 Essential Considerations

Video is now an established part of many online marketing strategies, providing an engaging form of media that can easily be viewed and shared. However before video is used as part of your strategy, there are 5 key considerations to make sure your video achieves its goals.

1. What is the objective of the video and how does this feed into my content marketing strategy?

Video should be considered an element of a wider content marketing strategy, a medium that can be used to convey a message in a way that for example, a white paper or a blog cannot. How the video itself is delivered should be considered carefully, in line with both the objective of the video itself and a wider content marketing strategy. Does the video refer to other content assets that we can use as a gated or un-gated call to action on the same web page? Can we create spin off articles that focus on elements of the video and use out placements to channel traffic back to it? The answers to questions such as these define the how, when and where of posting your video.

2. How will I use inbound marketing channels to promote my video?

At this stage we should naturally begin to touch on how inbound channels can best be used to increase the exposure of your video; is it hosted on a 3rd party website for branding purposes only? If so, can we advertise on that platform for searches around our brand, competitor’s brands or high value keywords? Is this video part of our lead generation strategy? If so, what inbound channels can we use? Whatever your overall strategy, it is important to consider what inbound channels can increase the exposure of your video and ultimately help you to meet your objectives.

3. Does my video encourage social sharing?

Ever dreamed of creating the viral video of the year? The one everyone is sharing on social media and has been picked up on by both national and international press as it grips the entire nation? If your video does not effectively encourage social sharing then its chances are slim. Social sharing icons on the web page, reference to social profiles at the end of the video and ongoing social engagement from you, the originator of the video, all increase your chances of social success. International coverage may be a stretch, but a well-produced, targeted and value rich video has the potential to emulate this within your target audience, however niche they may be.

4. What key metrics will I track in order to establish the performance of my video?

Views, trends in brand searches, leads, view durations and inbound links, whatever the objective of your video there are a plethora of metrics with which to review its success. The critical thing to do before you post your video is to have analytics in place that allows you to measure as many of the criteria as possible. This information becomes the driving force behind any adjustments in your approach and is critical to our final consideration.

5. How will the results of this video feed back into my strategy?

With analytics collecting valuable data on a daily basis, you have an opportunity to use this to feed back into both your strategy for promoting the video, and your wider content marketing strategy. This may be in the form of adjusting keywords or ad copy on paid search accounts, focusing more time and budget on specific social channels, or it may be a lessons learned for producing your next video, whether that be a spin off on a particularly engaging element or an entirely different form of content as a result of viewer feedback. Whatever your data and viewers are telling you, it is critical that this feeds back into your overarching strategy.

Video has the potential to convey a message that may not be suited to other mediums, but this does not mean it should be produced and used in isolation. Video is an opportunity to add another dimension to your content marketing strategy, acting both as an engaging element for existing inbound traffic and as an opportunity to drive new inbound traffic.

Nick Gaunt

Nick Gaunt

Nick is an Inbound Marketing Consultant at LBDGA and has previous experience working in both B2B marketing agency and B2B client side environments.

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