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5 tips for recording response-generating videos

Where Email Fails, Video Prevails

Personal video messages can help you boost response rates by more than 500% because emailing simply doesn’t let you say what you need to say how you need to say it.

Here’s how to get the response you need! Learn the latest tips and try using video communications for free by downloading our 5 tips for recording response-generating videos.

You’ll get:

  • Quick tips on video creation, personalization, and email composition
  • A free recording tool to easily create, send, and track custom sales videos in email
  • And so much more!

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"Many of our sales professionals use ViewedIt to stand out and bring the human element back into the sales process. It's as easy as a click, record, and share."

- Bob Elliot, SVP GLOBAL SALES, Hootsuite


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