You know the drill. New year, new sales strategy to deliver even better results in 2019.


And what better way to up your game than to learn from the sales teams who crushed it last year?

No budget? No problem! These sales teams are using video in creative ways to deliver some pretty incredible results. In this webinar, be inspired and see the results of big ideas, smart execution, and—in some cases—a tremendous amount of courage to try something new.

Tune in to learn how to:

  • Differentiate yourself to book more meetings with key prospects
  • Use video across the buyer journey to shorten deal cycles
  • Transform the customer experience to increase engagement and trust


Thomas Buchanan Thomas Buchanan

Thomas Buchanan

Account Executive

James Snider James Snider

James Snider

Sales & Marketing Director

Myriah Anderson Myriah Anderson

Myriah Anderson

Client Success Specialist

Tyler Lessard Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing

Scott Barker Scott Barker

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships
Sales Hacker, Inc.