Video content and analytics can be used to improve engagement, lead qualification, and customer acquisition.


A large majority of marketers are incorporating video in their digital marketing initiatives because it’s driving unparalleled business results. But many marketers are still only experimenting with this medium.

Join guests from Forrester and Lattice Engines in this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Why Forrester believes online video is a must-have for B2B and B2C marketers
  • Key considerations for a modern video marketing strategy
  • What to look for in a video platform for marketing and sales
  • How Lattice Engines is using video and why they invested in a video marketing platform
  • The secrets to Lattice Engines’ use of video to generate, convert, and qualify leads


Philipp Karcher Philipp Karcher

Philipp Karcher

Senior Analyst

Elle Woulfe Elle Woulfe

Elle Woulfe

Director of Demand Generation
Lattice Engines