Your guide to landing deals in a world of busy buyers

1. Cutting through the noise

Trying to catch a prospect’s attention these days is akin to getting the most popular kid at school to notice you. With more than 5 million B2B sales professionals in North America alone, prospects are passed more notes, get more calls, and invited to more playdates than they can handle.

For B2B buyers, that’s a daily flood of 121 emails, 32 texts, 6 phone calls, and untold scores of notifications.

How on earth can you get someone like that to notice you? You do what any enterprising middle schooler does: you personalize something for them, like a hand-drawn card.

Or, maybe today, you Snap them a really lit Bitmoji. Honestly, things have changed a lot. Our point is this: do something dramatic and personal. If you’re a salesperson, that attention-grabbing move is sending a personalized video.

[box]Reps that use video in prospecting, relationship-building, and sales emails see 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates.[/box]

Over 12,000 salespeople around the globe are using video tools like Vidyard to boost their response rates, close more deals, and get noticed by the popular prospects. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can use video tools to supercharge your own sales cycle.

[box]Inside this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How personalized video will help you manage your sales cycle
  • The dramatic results of teams at HubSpot, Terminus, and Dynamic Signal
  • How top performers achieve 3x higher engagement rates


2. Why personalized video is incredibly effective

What makes personalized video so powerful for outreach? The fact that it’s video.

Video is exploding in popularity (in a good way) and after a brief flirtation with text communication, humanity wants to get back to face-to-face—or the next closest thing. Our brains evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be highly attuned to reading a mixture of visual, auditory, and facial signals, and most current sales mediums rob us of that.

Just look at emails and phone calls. Salespeople spend hours obsessing over cold outbound emails and voicemails hoping they won’t be misinterpreted—which they invariably are. On the other end of the line, all prospects see is another rep who wants to sell them. Video breaks that pattern.

With video, salespeople can offer a radiant smile and a firm, digital handshake. It puts the ‘person’ back in salesperson—no matter the distance—and allows reps to build familiarity. It’s a powerful cocktail of visuals, audio, and emotion.

Using video in the sales cycle is shown to:

  • Increase response rates
  • Create a more personal connection
  • Speed up sales cycles
  • Win more deals

And, prospects who receive personalized videos get excited. Never mind that recording a video is faster than typing an email—prospects will feel that it took a lot more work and that you’ve gone above and beyond to personalize something just for them. And, just like a hand-drawn card to the oh-so-popular kid at school, that’s your path to their over-emailed heart.

So, ready to shake up sales cycles and land more leads with video? Let’s explore its many uses.

3. The many ways to use personalized videos

To be effective, sales video has to be part of a coherent sales strategy. Just as you wouldn’t cold-call or email randomly, video requires finesse and timing. In this chapter, we’ll discuss the different types of video and when and where to use them.

The 5 types of video in your arsenal:

A. The webcam video

The webcam video is the closest thing to face-to-face. It’s you, recording yourself at your computer, smiling, introducing yourself, and explaining your reason for reaching out. Good ones end with a call-to-action (CTA) such as scheduling a call or meeting.

Now, your prospects, who are accustomed to cold or plain outreach, might at first react with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. But, never fear. You can overcome all objections by holding up a whiteboard with their name on it, which is shown to increase open rates by 5x. Then address them by name and show that you’ve done your research.

B. The screen capture

The next type of video is the screen capture. Use this when you have a high-value visual asset that can drive your point home, such as a website, an article, or a diagram. For example, you can:

  • Click around on the prospect’s website and talk about why your solution is a fit
  • Talk through an article and how it relates to a challenge they face
  • Illustrate the solution to their problem with a desktop diagram or whiteboard

[box]With a tool like Vidyard, you can record a webcam and screen capture simultaneously for the best of both worlds.[/box]

The screen capture video excels at delivering a lot of information at once—it’s like leaning over your prospect’s shoulder to point to their screen and really explain yourself.

C. The profile pull

The profile pull is a screen capture video where you view the prospect’s profile, say, on LinkedIn, and talk through why their experience makes them an ideal prospect. For example, you could say, “Karen, I see that you’re the head of IoT projects at GE, and it says that you’re in charge of innovation. We’ve helped a ton of heads of IoT and I may be able to help you with A, B, or C.”

Good profile pull videos are effective, alluring, and flattering in all the right measures.

D. The related resource

Instead of telling prospects to go read your latest resource, show them. Because let’s be honest, who reads entire e-books end to end? (Aside from this one, of course).

The related resource video is a screen capture where you walk them through an analyst report, or an internal e-book, guide, or white paper. These drive home your value proposition and leave no room for misinterpretation. Resource videos allow you to shortcut straight to what matters to your prospect and make sure they hear, see, and really feel it.

E. The playlist

If you’re using a new generation video platform, you can create playlists of videos. These can be combinations of pre-recorded and personalized content which allow you to save time while still reassuring prospects you built it just for them. For example, many sales reps create playlists of relevant marketing videos that begin and end with a custom intro and outro.

Now that you have five video formats in your tool belt, let’s see where each can fit in your funnel.

The 3 places in your funnel where you can use personalized video

Where is video most effective in your sales funnel? Trick question: Everywhere. But certain video types are more effective at certain stages. We’ll walk you through it.

1. For prospecting, use attention-grabbing videos

The most important thing for outbound is getting noticed. If you can’t break through prospects’ overcrowded inboxes, it’s already over. For sales professionals, the best opportunities to spice up those prospecting emails with video are:

For each of these, webcam videos, screen captures, and profile pulls work great. Make sure these videos explain not only who you are and how you can help but also include a CTA. Beyond that, here are some tips:

  • Increase opens by using “video” in the email subject line.
  • Increase clicks and responses by including the video thumbnail in the email body.
  • Establish your credibility—cite statistics and name-drop customers that they’re likely to know.
  • Create a real connection by getting personal. Don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability and admit to the limits of your knowledge.

2. In the relationship-building stage, use credibility-enhancing videos

Once you know your leads and they know you, it’s time to focus on delivering value. Use video to provide them additional education and context, and to stay top-of-mind throughout the process. If they need help explaining something to their team or getting decision makers onboard, create a video they can share. The best uses for these videos are:

To accomplish this, use a mix of screen captures,profile pulls, and playlists, with the occasional webcam video. Here are some tips for these middle-stage videos:

  • Make sure the content is hyper-relevant.
  • Create a dialogue and encourage leads to respond.
  • Keep the videos focused onhelping the prospect.

3. In the selling stage, use persuasive videos

When leads are getting closer to the bottom of the funnel, video can help you close the deal. This is where prospects really start to think through the details of implementation, pricing, and the internal political costs of making a purchase. They’re likely to get jittery and will need your assurance. Use these videos for:

For this stage, use all formats of video at your discretion. Remember to:

  • Tie your company’s value proposition to their needs. Do the heavy lifting and research to make the connection crystal clear.
  • Be confident, but not pushy.
  • Make it personal. Connect one-to-one with each decision maker.

Personalized video leads to dramatically higher engagement at every funnel stage—but don’t just take our word for it. In the next chapter, we’ll look at real results.

4. Real results from top sales teams

Companies across all industries are arming their sales reps with video and seeing terrific results. In the technology sector, Terminus, Dynamic Signal, and HubSpot are seeing a serious, measurable impact with video. Let’s look at what they’ve accomplished.

Terminus saw 216% higher response rates

Terminus knows a lot about cold outreach. In pioneering the brand new category of account-based marketing (ABM), their sales team faced the challenge of educating prospects enough to elicit a response. Or at least, they did. When Tonni Bennett, Vice President of Sales, armed her SDR and sales teams with personalized videos, they saw:

  • 40% higher open rates
  • 37% higher click rates
  • 216% higher response rates (More than triple their baseline rate!)

And, as a happy added bonus, Terminus’ sales team discovered that their videos were frequently circulated throughout buying teams, giving them additional reach.

Here’s Morgan Gillespie, a sales rep at Terminus, delivering a winning pitch.

One Dynamic Signal team saw a 37.5% response rate

The sales team at Dynamic Signal, maker of the mobile-first employee communications platform of the same name, had trouble getting meetings with the right people within their large enterprise prospects. That’s why their sales team ran an experiment. Lauren Wadsworth, Manager of the global account development team, sent out 55 videos and analyzed the results. Here’s what she got:

  • 37.5% response rate
  • 12.75% booked a meeting
  • 118 meetings and 64 opportunities in Q1 and Q2 of 2017

Compared to their team’s former call-to-meeting conversion of one percent and email-to-meeting conversion of two percent, Lauren blew it out of the water and video has become a core element of their sales process.

Of all the responses Lauren received, this was her favorite:

[box]“You. Are. AWESOME! I have half a nostril above the water line right now, and you totally burst through all that with your creative message and positive attitude…AND. I. SIMPLY. CANNOT. IGNORE. YOU. You made me smile. And for that, I will be happy to talk with you.”[/box]

HubSpot saw 4x higher outreach-to-meeting ratio

HubSpot, an inbound leader and marketing automation platform, was quick to seize the opportunity of video. For their sales team, it was about making more personal connections and getting an upper hand in a mature and crowded marketplace. Being inclined toward A/B testing, their sales team tested video against traditional outreach and found:

  • Video took 4% of their time and delivered 14% of their opportunities
  • Their outreach-to-meeting ratio was 6%, 4x higher than all other activities
  • The video CTR was far higher than the CTR for standard template emails

As a result, video won the hearts of the HubSpot sales team, along with their prospects.

5. How top performing reps get 3x higher engagement

So, what are top reps doing with video that’s different? Five things, and we’ve turned them into a checklist to help you kill it with personal video sales:

Use a hook

If you want people to watch your sales videos beyond the first three seconds, you must hook them with a sound bite about what will follow.

Focus on the prospect’s needs

Focus on the prospect’s challenges, the prospect’s career, and how your solution will benefit them. This is often called the WIIFM, or “What’s in it for me?” factor. It’s what your prospect is wondering as they watch your video.

Use crystal clear CTAs

At the end of the video, be clear about how the prospect should proceed, whether that’s scheduling a call, booking an in-person meeting, or attending an event. To really drive it home, have a calendar scheduler like Calendly pop up to help them book a meeting in just a few clicks.

Practice until it looks effortless

Practice with video until it becomes second nature. Pay close attention to your body language, solicit feedback, and attend speaking or improv classes. When it’s time to record, your videos will look effortless.

[box]Video Delivery Tips

First time on camera? No worries! Simply:

  • Smile
  • Project enthusiasm and passion
  • Keep your webcam at eye-level
  • Keep your body posture open
  • Look at the camera
  • Speak clearly
  • Be mindful of lighting and background noise
  • Keep your videos short (30-90 seconds)


Use video data to prioritize your outreach

If your team is using a new generation video platform, you’ll have access to powerful analytics and the ability to score and prioritize leads. You can set alerts for when prospects consume a certain percentage of your video so you can strike while the iron is hot, and conversely, avoid leads that have shown little interest.

[box]Want more video selling tips?

Check out our Video for Sales Guide.[/box]

If these tips don’t seem too daunting, it’s because they aren’t. Anyone can be a video selling expert. You simply have to begin.

6. So, what’s stopping you from pressing play?

In today’s busy world of messaging madness, it’s tremendously difficult for salespeople to break through to buyers. And the same way that you’d hand-draw a card for the most popular kid at school, the key to a prospect’s heart is personalized video. Reps around the world are crushing their quotas and slamming back deals with it—all in return for a little screen time.

So, will you join their ranks? Go ahead—experiment with video. It takes 30 seconds to make a positive first impression with a client that will last a life-cycle.

Download Vidyard for free and send your first video in one-click!