The B2B video marketing plan used to be simple.


Step 1: Make a video
Step 2: Put it on the internet
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit

This formula is great if you’re just getting started with video, but your customers are expecting better content, deals are getting more complex, and KPIs and attribution are now more important than ever.

Video is one of the best performing pieces of content you can invest in, and you’re likely sitting on a goldmine of content that can increase engagement, and generate new leads and pipeline.

Learn how video marketing for B2B has evolved and how you can:

  • Fill your video library quickly and efficiently with key videos
  • Apply video across your lifecycle to effectively engage buyers at each stage
  • Use video to generate leads, keep them engaged, and boost conversions
  • Humanize your interactions by making video personal


Jesse Ariss

Jesse Ariss

Senior Product Marketing Manager