Everything is changing about the technology buying process. And I’m not exaggerating – prospects are interacting less and less with salespeople, and turning more and more to self-serve content. Inboxes are more filled with more emails than ever, and chances to stick out amongst the crowd have diminished.

Because buyers are evolving, salespeople have to evolve as well. And fast. So that’s why we were so excited to hear from Tonni Bennett at Terminus and Kyle Norton at League last week for this panel webinar we hosted with Sales Hacker called 3 Ways Top Sales Teams are Killing it with Personal Video. Tonni, Kyle and our own Tyler Lessard dropped 30 minutes of non-stop sales smarts, but here’s a few highlights that really stuck out:

How is your team driving attention with cold prospects?

“We’re starting with a video…” is always a good way to start any discussion in my humble opinion, but it’s extra relevant after Tyler asked our panel how they’re helping to re-ignite dead leads, and bring opportunities back from the grave.

“We’re trying to personalize our messaging so that instead of saying ‘we do this, we do this, we do this,’ we’re opening with something like ‘hey, I saw you do X, Y, Z’ I thought this might be relevant.” Tonni continues, highlighting that this kind of conversation can be lengthy in the course of an email, but video makes this kind of discussion a snap.

Video has now become the first touch point for every sales interaction at Terminus, and Tonni’s team isn’t just throwing that effort into the wind. This new cadence approach has a 40% open rate, 37% higher CTR and a 5.5% higher reply rate over their text-based approaches.

Is personalized video changing the face of email?

We think so, and Tyler was quick to point out why. “It showcases that you really are delivering that one-to-one message. When people are inundated with these automated emails… that when you see a video that lands in your inbox with a personalized message on a whiteboard, you know that it was recorded just for you.”

Tyler goes on to say that while text emails haven’t fully gone away yet, sales people are getting a bit dependent on templates that are growing tiresome. As a CMO, he’s not stuck under a rock, or wasn’t eaten by a T-Rex. And sadly, Tyler goes on to say he does not have 15 minutes next week to talk about something he’s never heard of from a company he’s never interacted with before. Are your prospects feeling the same?

Is video messaging for everyone?

Many businesses worry that video is going to be too much work for their team to get started. Or worse, they feel like they have time to put off jumping on the video wagon until later. Kyle has some news for you – that window of opportunity is closing fast.

Who is video messaging for? “I would say it’s for anyone who wants to get more opps, and close more deals!” Kyle laughs, adding “If you’re camera shy, you have to get over it otherwise you miss out on using a pretty powerful tool.”

Creating sales videos has never been easier, and Kyle and his team have been seeing huge successes with adding video to their sales cadence.

3 Ways Top Sales Teams are Killing it with Personal Video

Want to hear the full 30-minute discussion, and all the awesome insights shared in between these clips? This panel is now available on-demand so sign up here to watch the recording at your leisure!

Jon Spenceley