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March 25, 2014

A Tale of Two Marketers: Why Video Optimization Matters

There are two main kinds of video marketers out there.
You’ve probably met them – heck, you might even identify with ’em!

Say hello to “Post-and-Pray Pete” and “Strategic Sue”.

Pete and Sue are B2B marketers

Who are these two marketers?

Pete doesn't have a planMaking videos for the sole purpose of brand awareness, Post-and-Pray Pete subscribes to the idea that if you spend time making a great brand video, upload it to YouTube, and share it aggressively, you’re bound to rake in the views and “go viral”.

Not only does he create content quickly (some might even say, randomly), but he’s excited to get his videos up on the web to be seen by as many brand fans as possible.

Pete has been known to drool over a high video view count, and while the total viewership numbers are exciting, he doesn’t really know anything about who is watching his content.

Sue knows to optimize contentSue, on the other hand, works in a department where tracking ROI is serious business. She knows that posting videos to YouTube isn’t really a content strategy, and that a total view count on YouTube doesn’t really help her marketing team pass qualified leads over to sales.

Unlike Pete who values vanity video metrics, Sue wants to attach identity to viewers so she can actively follow up with those who are actually interested in her services. She knows that her videos need to be tied to real marketing actions in order to be successful, so she always includes a compelling call to action and uses video optimizations for lead generation.

Her motto? You shouldn’t market what you can’t measure.

Why do these two marketers matter?

While these two characters don’t represent all marketers out there, they do tell a pretty fair story about the current landscape when it comes to optimization and performance tracking.

According to a recent study, 71% of marketers failed to deliver the quantifiable business results expected by management in 2013 because they weren’t tracking metrics, merely experimenting with new media.

That said, it’s fairly likely that, even though you’re using video marketing in your mix, you’re probably not optimizing your content for maximum success.

(I think I heard some of you nod your heads just then…)

Watch Their Story

Today we’ve launched the Tale of Two Marketers to explore the topic of video optimization. Take a look at the not-so-fictional video storybook to see which marketer you’re most like, and what your video marketing strategy might be missing.

Watch the Tale of Two Marketers

The video showcases some optimizations you can use to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing, including:

  • In-video calls to action
  • Lead generation forms
  • Connecting video engagement data with your MAP and CRM
  • Using video analytics to improve future video campaigns
  • Using data within your MAP to score leads based on how much video they consume
  • And more!
    • Check it out and let us know what you think! Tweet with the hashtag #mktgstory to share your video challenges, your best examples of video from your brand, and lessons learned along the way.

      Those who tweet their stories have a chance to appear as a cartoon in future Vidyard content!

      Jennifer Pepper

      Jennifer Pepper

      Jennifer is the Customer Success Content Strategist at Unbounce. One day she wants to direct the ads you skip on YouTube. Follow her on Twitter @PeppersWrite.

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