Real Data for All!

According to a recent study, 71% of marketers failed to deliver the quantifiable business results expected by management in 2013 because they weren’t tracking metrics, merely experimenting with new media. That said, it’s fairly likely that even though you’re measuring marketing spend, you’re not connecting your video marketing assets to the revenue they influence.

You might even think it’s impossible to see which videos actually contribute to the bottom line, so your just tracking overall view count (a fairly unhelpful metric).

Luckily you really can track the ROI of video when you push video engagement data into your CRM (wooo!). The only bad news here is that it’s so easy you’re going to kick yourself for not doing it sooner. If you install the reports we’ve made for Salesforce, you’ll finally have precise data showing the exact ROI of your videos.

Ready to See the Real Impact of Your Video Content?

To get started you’ll need admin access to Salesforce (if you’re not an admin, just grab the closest admin to you because everyone’s going to be impressed with this data).
Once you’re ready, here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Install Vidyard for Salesforce
  2. Install the Salesforce managed package right here
  3. Pick your favourite title and click Run Report
  4. Pick your jaw up off your desk
  5. Have a coffee and enjoy the ROI

Woah! Where did all this Data Come From?

We packaged up the reports we use to measure our video performance in Salesforce and made that package available to you (Y’know. Sharin’ the video love). The managed package includes the following fancy reports:

  • Video views influencing all deals and won deals (pure ROI baby!)
  • Contacts and leads with video views (quickly scan this list to see exactly who’s watching your content)
  • Video views by month (to help you confirm video how video is becoming more and more important)
  • Video views by amount of content watched (find out if your videos are effectively engaging your leads and contacts)

Here are the reports we've made for you!
Let’s dive into the ‘Video Views Influencing Won Deals’ Report as an example.

When creating the report, we included a chart so that you can visually see a breakdown of videos that have been watched by contacts associated with won opportunities. With this chart you can easily determine which videos are being watched the most by contacts that are actually converting. You’ll basically know exactly which content is resonating and then you’ll be able to plan future content initiatives around proven, measurable success.

Your reports include visual charts

But Wait, There’s More!

The report also lets you drill down into individual videos to see who is watching the content, how much they are watching, and how much revenue has been influenced by the video they watched:

See who is watching and connect this information to closed deals

Yep, our minds were blown too.

Like all Salesforce reports, these are completely customizable. That said, here’s a few ideas to help you slice and dice the data:

  • Zero in on deals closed in a particular timeframe.
  • Filter by new business vs. existing customers to see if these groups are watching different content.
  • Break it down by opportunity owner to see if some account executives are sharing more videos than others.
  • Sort by product to reveal gaps in content along the sales cycle. You could end up finding some products are not adequately covered by your video marketing assets.

You’ll also want to look for trends. For example, does grouping by Opportunity Value show a difference in video consumption habits between high and low value deals?

When you’re done analyzing the data, it’s time to collect your ROI hero badge. Oh, and get ready to produce some more great video content because getting the budget for it just got a lot easier!

So spend some time with these reports, customize them as you like, and let us know how you like them. If you have any questions on filtering the data, share a comment and I’ll provide some additional screenshots and instructions.

Joe Gelata