86% of marketers are using some form of measurement of video marketing effectiveness, according to a recent video marketing research report. The trouble is, simply collecting your video stats doesn’t translate directly to getting the most out of your marketing videos.

The magic lies in what you do with that data once you’ve collected it. Are you able to analyze it in such a way that you can understand if you’re driving real results with video? Are you using it to guide future campaigns? And actually, are you even collecting the right video data to begin with?

Depending on what you collect and how you use it, your video data can either be as indiscernible as a big, black hole, or as clear as a freshwater lake at daybreak.

Don’t Let Your Video Fall into the Black Hole

Video Black HoleMaybe you posted a video that your team practically bet on as a high performer. But in reality, it’s sinking rather quickly. Or maybe it’s just the opposite: the video is the star of your content show, unbeknownst to you, so you haven’t been giving it the love and attention it deserves (kind of like that gerbil you had in third grade). Its potential is falling flat, and you’re missing out on leads, customers, and flat out sales.

If wrangled appropriately, though, video data can provide an in-depth look into audience behavior; deeper than any other content medium. No ebook, whitepaper, or blog post analytics show you how much of your content your audience is consuming, if they’ve skipped boring sections, or if they’ve re-read well-written paragraphs over and over until sunset.

With video you can see this type of behavior. Not only that – you can do something about it!


Capturing and analyzing your video engagement data allows you to identify videos that are underperforming and pinpoint ways to make your videos better. Or uncover hidden video gems and give them the spotlight they deserve.

There’s a lot to learn about and a lot to be gained from video marketing analytics, which is why we’re making it simpler for you:

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Video Data

Unleash the power of video analytics this Thursday, November 20th in a data-driven webinar with Kristen Connell, Director of Digital Marketing at Deltek; Amanda Batista, Content Marketing Manager at Oracle; and our own Joe Gelata, Director of Demand Generation at Vidyard.

Video Data Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll see:

  • Real video marketing campaigns, goals, and results
  • The benefits Deltek is realizing by feeding video data directly into their Eloqua instance and individual contact records.
  • Why you should prioritize video marketing AND engagement data
  • And much, much more!

So take a peak – whatcha waitin’ for?!

Data-driven Webinar

Kimbe MacMaster