By now, you likely have at least a handful of videos, if not a locker-full. You’re probably smartly using them to build interest and keep your audience engaged throughout the funnel. Good on ya! But what I really want to know is: do you have a comprehensive video marketing strategy? One that incorporates your video content with the rest of your messaging and communication plan? One that lays out who’s responsible for what in a video project and where each video will be distributed for maximum impact? Or what about one that outlines how your brand guidelines will transfer to video?

Strategic planning is more than a nice-to-have.

We liken a video marketing strategy to the foundation of a successful relationship. If you don’t understand each other and how you’ll communicate, will the relationship last? Ehh…50/50. Maybe. Maybe not.

But laying the proper groundwork can be tough. That’s why you have help:

Download this fillable workbook to walk through 9 steps to creating a video marketing strategy:

Step 1: Establishing Your Goals for Video

Step 2: Identifying Your Content Needs

Step 3: Pinpointing the Opportunity for Video

Step 4: Building Campaign Rules of Thumb

Step 5: Crafting a Distribution Plan

Step 6: Transferring Your Brand to Video

Step 7: Setting Guidelines for Viewing Behavior

Step 8: Organizing Your Team

Step 9: Measuring Video Success

video strategy workbook

Kimbe MacMaster