Are you sitting down? I’ve got something very important to tell you.

You likely use a marketing automation platform to help you take your marketing efforts from “I think people are liking it” to “Wow, look at all the leads we’re engaging and deals we’re helping close!”

Marketing automation is key to successful marketing teams. It makes sense that CMOs at top-performing companies implement marketing automation to help increase revenue and get higher quality leads. The big wigs get it, and their teams are likely successful at it, because 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation.

And, since you’re a savvy modern marketer, I’m sure you’re using video in your marketing strategy. After all, more than 70% of marketers report that video converts better than other content types, according to Demand Metric.

So why are less than 10% using video analytics to qualify leads and track the true performance of video assets?

Where’s the dislike button?

Gone are the days when video view counts were counted as a worthwhile metric. Video is no longer relegated to just top-of-funnel brand awareness, why use those sorts of top-of-funnel metrics? They won’t help you figure out which campaigns are performing well or how you can more effectively and quickly convert leads.

Here’s something you’ll reeeally like.

Instead, if video is integrated into your marketing automation, you can track who is watching which videos, for how long, and if they watched any parts again and again! Are they watching a video for Product A or B? Watching webinars on specific topics? Video viewing activity can significantly impact your lead-scoring model, nurturing, and conversion programs.

Now doesn’t that sound better?

Once you see what video paired with marketing automation can do for you, you’ll never go back. Tech giant Lenovo loves how video and marketing automation platform Eloqua has transformed their marketing strategy and results. As Michael Ballard, the company’s Demand Generation manager said, “My paycheck doesn’t come from views, likes, or followers. We get paid because of what closes.”

Check out their case study to learn more.

Lenovo Case Study

Emily Ross