Having been in sales and sales leadership for over 20 years it’s amazing how some things have changed and how some have seemingly stayed the same. Technology has helped with productivity and accessibility but it’s also created an environment where we have fewer personal connections.

I don’t get that excited when I read the words in an email, and I’m not alone. Text-based email messages are falling flat.

So here’s a secret that’s going to change your sales game: top-performing sales teams are switching from text to video to increase response rates, better prioritize hot leads, and close deals faster.

As of right now, only 4% of sales teams are using video to drive better results. But this top 4% is seeing amazing results like 5x higher click-through rates and 8x higher open-to-response rates. Now you want to know how you can become part of that 4%, don’t you? Or how you can add video to your team’s cadence? Or even how to easily create these top-tier sales videos?

Good thing there’s the Video Selling Institute. It’s a central place for sales managers and their reps to learn how to use video to sell better and get quick tips to start doing so today.

The Video Selling Institute goes through five different lessons in 12 short, educational videos including:

  1. Why sales should be using video
  2. How to add video into your cadence
  3. Best practices for creating videos for sales
  4. Tracking the effectiveness of video & your team, and
  5. Selecting the right tools for success

Start learning and start selling better today with the Video Selling Institute.

Darren Suomi