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Hey there! Taylor here and welcome back to Video Vednesday-your weekly video selling tip! Now in the past weeks, we've already shared our tips for getting your team on board with video, but this isn't about us it's about you and your awesome users. And today we want to share how one of our customers, Terminus, is implementing video across their sales org.

One of their most important pieces of advice is to simply be human. Don't worry about sounding perfect or sticking exactly to your script. They found that videos that sound natural and genuine get the most traction because they resonate with your audience. In my experience being your natural and genuine self is always the best. Imagine you are meeting that person an event and take that exact same approach to creating your videos.

You can check out the rest of advice from Terminus over on the blog. And if you haven't already download Vidyard GoVideo so you can start putting these tips into practice. Happy Video Selling!