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August 24, 2015

How CRM Can Make Your Workload Feel Like Summer Vacation

Selling can be fun, personally fulfilling and occasionally exhilarating, but let’s face it, it’s no walk on the beach. Even for the most experienced professionals, it’s hard work.

While selling via video can dramatically improve your ability to communicate with customers and enhance the purchasing experience, combining video with customer relationship management (CRM) may be one of the best ways to make your workload more streamlined and enjoyable—almost like a summer vacation.

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Planning Is Everything

Unless you’re a full-time nomad (or maybe a student), it’s not much fun to go off on vacation with nothing but your luggage and a vague idea of your itinerary. Hotels book up fast, flights have only the worst seats left and you miss out on guided tours that enrich the vacation experience. It pays to do the prep work in advance to make your vacation feel stress-free and enjoyable.

CRM brings the same principle to selling. Whether it’s using technology to identify opportunities, pursue prospects more systematically or cross-sell existing clients with new products and services, getting data into CRM early on lets you focus on the best part of sales: connecting with people.

Traveling Light Is Right

As much as you want to leave your day-to-day world behind on vacation, it’s often hard not to bring half your life with you, stuffed awkwardly into suitcases. Seasoned travelers manage to transcend this tendency by only taking what they absolutely need, and limiting the true essentials to their carry-on bag vs. what goes into a plane’s cargo hold.

CRM might have once seemed equally cumbersome to set up on and run in a corporate data centre, but cloud computing has changed all that. The software as a service model has made CRM something that can be deployed dynamically and grow alongside the rest of the organization. And thanks to the rise of mobile apps, you can get access to it from anywhere.

It’s All About The Memories

Sadly, even the best vacations have to end at some point. If you’ve been taking pictures and videos along the way, however, you get the pleasure of reliving the highlights of your experiences, and sharing them with people back home.

Same with CRM and sales: the more (and the better quality) the data, the better it works to deepen your knowledge of your customers’ needs and their trust. That way, when you’re using video as a sales tool, you’ll be greeted by eager and receptive viewers—less like someone trying to sell something, and more like someone trying to take them on a journey that will help them grow their business.

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Karin Campbell

Karin Campbell is an award-winning communications executive and the Director of Marketing Communications for Salesforce Canada, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM. Karin has worked for some of the world’s leading companies and has extensive experience in public relations, corporate communications, issues and crisis management, marketing communications, social media and advertising. At Salesforce, Karin leads external communications, content marketing and brand advertising for Canada.

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