Since we launched Vidyard GoVideo (Formerly ViewedIt), a webcam and screen recording tool, in October of last year, our amazing community (that’s you!) has made more than 200,000 videos using the product.

We’ve been really impressed with all the different ways you have been using Vidyard GoVideo and the diversity of ideas you’ve brought forward.

But what good is it if we just keep these ideas to ourselves? We want to highlight some of the most interesting use cases we’ve discovered so far to spark your own inspiration to create great videos using Vidyard GoVideo.

To those of you just getting started with Vidyard GoVideo, we hope this post serves as an inspiration and a reference guide! To those of you whose videos we’re showcasing, thanks for being so generous to share your work with the community.

6 Great Examples of Vidyard GoVideo

Check out the first six examples with videos from our community!

1. Sales – make personalized tutorials for prospects

Eric Martin is a Senior BDR at DataFox. He is responsible for prospecting into strategic accounts, and also for organizing their monthly Sales Operations meetups in San Francisco.

Eric uses Vidyard GoVideo to make video tutorials who are currently using the DataFox trial. Eric explained that “the videos are custom to each rep, take us no more than a few minutes to make and include in our follow up, and have been incredibly well received so far.”

Get a glimpse of Eric’s video in this example:

2. Customer Success – create a VIP onboarding experience for prospects

Vero Donelle is a Market Outreach Specialist at Alongside. Vero frequently reaches out to HR professionals and hiring teams to chat about how they can help them streamline their processes, saving time and cutting hiring costs (all while improving their application experience for job seekers).

When we chatted with Vero, she explained that she uses Vidyard GoVideo to onboard customers and give quick walkthroughs or clarify features. “I use GoVideo to show customers how they and their team can make the most out of our platform. Offering a visual explanation in a video, instead of bullet points in an email, makes customers way more likely to engage and want to work ‘alongside’ us!”

Check out Vero’s video example below!

3. Customer Success – offer personalized walkthroughs for clients

Tim Cerato is a marketing automation consultant at RevEngine Marketing, a Boston-based marketing automation firm, specializing in Marketo.

Tim uses GoVideo to supplement email instructions and to provide clients with brief video tutorials. “GoVideo has proven to be a time-saver. Instead of typing a detailed email on the process of performing a given task, I can now provide clients with a personalized, visual, walkthrough. Typically in under 3 minutes.”

Watch Tim’s GoVideo walkthrough below.

4. Product Design – share walkthrough videos of new designs, save your team time

Chad Whitaker is a Product Designer at Product Hunt. Product Hunt curates the best new products, every day.

Chad creates videos to show new designs or prototypes he’s working on because “being able to send a video walkthrough to the team of a design or prototype can completely cut out an inessential meeting. A tool like Vidyard GoVideo eliminates the hassle of recording, editing, converting, and uploading.”

Check out Chad’s most recent team update:

5. Education – equip students with tools that create a better learning experience

Luke Weisenbach teaches 4th grade students at Larchmont Elementary School in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Luke’s use of GoVideo was an unexpected one for us – but definitely a great example! He encouraged students to share their literary essays and create presentations with other students virtually using video. “They watched presentations and were able to comment on their work in Google Classroom. Students have been using the tool at home to create more content. It is a great tool for a 21st century classroom.”

Here are two videos from Luke’s students:

viewedit education videos

6. Education – keep students engaged

Tina Monteleone is a Teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist at Point Pleasant School District in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Tina has been seeking new, innovative ways to personalize and differentiate learning for her students and fellow educators. “I create quick, instructional videos with a touch of a button and then easily post and share the link in my Google Classroom, website, or email. ”

Check out Tina’s example:

14 Other Ways to Use Vidyard GoVideo Videos

We’ve also heard of other ways our community is using GoVideo. If you have GoVideo examples for these, email me and we’ll add them in to this post!

7. Sales – stand out in the inbox with video prospecting

Create unique videos for each prospect and stand out in their inbox. You’ll see a 5x higher open rate and an 8x higher reply rate. Check out these three examples of our own sales reps using GoVideo in their sales process.

8. Sales – keep a consistent cadence with video

Reach out to your key accounts on a regular basis with a summary of a recent piece of content your team created and a quick hello. You’ll even be able to see if your account watched the video and if they passed it around for others in their organization to watch, too.

9. Sales Enablement – equip your team with knowledge

Deliver and track internal and external content like sales training, product training, and certifications. Bonus: you’ll be able to track video viewership and know who’s watched what, and what content resonates most!

10. Customer Support – resolve issues faster with video

Today’s customers expect to find answers and get support on their terms. Use GoVideo to record videos quickly and easily and deliver faster, smarter, more personalized customer support.

11. Customer Outreach – build stronger relationships with your customers

Thank your customers for doing business with you, congratulate them on important milestones or simply say hi. They will appreciate the personal touch! This is especially useful if you can’t be there in person.

12. Solutions Consultants – create amazing product demos

You’re spending a lot of time making product demos for customers and the sales team. Let GoVideo make your life easier by allowing you to record at the click of one button and share through email instantly!

13. Marketing – share launch details with your organization

Get your entire organization up-to-speed on what you’ve been working on! Create a short 60-90 second video on the launch day for a new campaign or product and email it to your entire organization so the team knows what’s going on and can help support and share.

14. PR – tell better stories

If you’re not using GoVideo or video, generally to pitch media, you’re missing out. There’s no better way to explain something complex, stand out with video in the inbox, and tell a great story. Check out how Rebekah Iliff from AirPR uses this approach!

15. Event Organizers – make event invitations and follow-up more fun and personal

Use GoVideo to personally invite and thank high-profile event attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers. Event success guaranteed!  

16. Product Managers – communicate product updates and new features to your users

Show off your latest features to your user community with fun and engaging videos! These are practically guaranteed to result in higher click-throughs, increase new feature adoption and help you build a stronger relationship with your users.

17. QA – communicate effectively and save time

Whenever you come across a bug, or something that doesn’t seem to be working quite right, use GoVideo to document an issue instead of writing out all the steps. Development teams appreciate seeing the full visual process of bug reproduction and love receiving GoVideo videos!

18. Internal Communications – engage your employees

Use Vidyard GoVideo to share vital information with your team in a format that you know will get attention. Share last month’s numbers, organizational changes, or even something like a change to employee benefits.

19. Employee Onboarding – offer a warm welcome to your new hires

Show your new team members how excited you are about them joining the team by creating a personal welcome video for them. A personal welcome will make them even more excited about their first day. Bonus: share tutorials describing anything they will need to know on their first week!

20. Remote Teams – communicate better across time zones

Use GoVideo to communicate effectively across offices and time zones. A quick video can save a meeting, offer an easier way to explain a complex topic or idea, and prevent costly miscommunications that might happen through a text-based medium.

Now it’s your turn to share what videos you’re making with GoVideo. Send me a video introducing yourself and sharing how you’re using GoVideo to The best submissions will be added to this post!  

Not using Vidyard GoVideo yet? Get it for Chrome now, it’s free! Or discover how GoVideo can work together with the Vidyard platform here.

Happy recording! 🙂

Daryna Kulya