Marketers know all too well about the pressure to drive higher engagement, demand, and leads, but lately more leads are simply not enough. Marketers are tasked with getting higher quality leads, higher conversion rates throughout the entire funnel, and driving greater demand.

Doing all of this is much easier said than done. Today’s B2B marketers are battling for attention in overpopulated landscapes, trying to refresh and reuse content that is decreasing in effectiveness, and dealing with the ever growing expectations and buyer demands.

So how can we create better nurture campaigns that cut through all the noise and deliver on more leads!?

Well, your leads want more video!

It’s great that leads want more video but how can you use your videos in the most strategic way possible? Well, video can help breathe new life into a variety of your channels and campaigns which will increase leads and drive demand.

Your Website

There are numerous opportunities for video content on your website. By embedding a video, you can effectively reduce bounce rates and increase conversions on crucial landing pages like homepages, products, solutions, customers, demo or trial requests, campaign pages, etc.

Over 72 percent of businesses who use video, say it has increased website conversion rates. – Hootsuite

On-Demand Webinars

Live webinars continue to be a reliable lead source for many B2B marketing teams. But once your webinar ends that doesn’t mean you’re done with it. Repurposing webinar content is an easy way to increase engagement and drive demand. You can add on-demand webinars to your website, repurpose them as blog posts, add them to nurture campaigns, sales enablement emails, and more.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. (Aberdeen, 2015) – Hubspot

Drive Demand on Social

Leverage existing video content on social media to reach new audiences and drive people towards a specific CTA! Short, promotional videos on social help to drive engagement in other campaigns, programs, and assets.

“People look 5x longer at video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram.” Facebook

Video Content Campaigns

Video-based content campaigns help to tell a better story. They are fun, entertaining videos that enhance and drive home the messaging of the campaign. Maybe they are inspirational stories (perhaps of real customers), educational video series to build an audience, thought leadership interviews or whiteboard videos (like Chalk Talks). Whatever style you choose, using video to promote or complement other content campaigns will drive higher engagement.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. (Adobe, 2015)- Hubspot

If you’re a B2B demand gen marketer looking for some practical ways to beat the most common challenges you face; more leads, higher quality leads, higher conversion rates throughout the funnel, and higher ROI then “Video in Demand: Using Video for More Effective Lead Gen and Nurturing” is the video for you! In this video session we take a deep dive into the ways that you can use video to enhance and improve your account-based marketing (ABM), emails, sales campaigns, and more.  Jump on in and watch it today! And you can check out the slides over on our SlideShare page

Hannah Cameron