Hello, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! You may notice a bit of a change of scenery in today’s episode and that’s exactly what we want to talk to you about. When shooting video, especially interviews, you don’t always have the luxury of using a soundproof studio, so today we want to share 3 tips for filming outside of your studio.

Tip one is picking your filming location. Since most of our out-of-the-office content is conferences, we’ll use those as an example. Try to pick an area that doesn’t have too much back-lighting, but is a bit on the quieter side. Avoid filming directly in front of windows, or in the middle of the trade-show floor unless you have some good audio equipment.

Which brings us to tip number two – if you’re going to be doing a lot of filming outside of the office, it may be wise to invest in a good lapel microphone. Here’s what this video would sound like using our camera’s internal microphone. And here’s back to me having a lapel microphone. You can pick one up for a few hundred dollars, and we guarantee they will make a huge impact on your video.

Finally, when lining up your shot, try to minimize the background distractions on your video, so that your subject stays the focal point. At conferences or events you may not always be able to do this, but having too much going on in the background can distract viewers away from what you want them to see.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode of Video Marketing How-To, and as always, stay tuned for another episode in another few weeks!

Jon Spenceley