Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Video Marketing How-To. Today we want to share a few tips for optimizing your video content so your audience has a great experience on mobile devices.

Tip number one is to make sure your players are responsive so people viewing on mobile screens that aren’t the standard desktop size won’t see a huge version of your video that doesn’t fit on their screen.

Which is a great segue to tip number two. Most mobile screens are quite a bit smaller than your standard desktop, so your splash screen doesn’t have the same amount of space to prove that your video is compelling. If you’re creating video for a mobile audience, exaggerate the compelling aspects of your video in the splash screen, and give people a big indication of what your video is about so they know to watch it.

Tip number three is mostly for social video, but it applies everywhere — if you’re adding captions to your video content, don’t assume that people will be reading them on a 40-inch television in their living room. Captions that are too small are useless to mobile viewers that may not be able to turn the sound up on your video, so create captions that are viewable on any device.

That wraps up today’s episode of Video Marketing How-To! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for another episode in another few weeks!

Jon Spenceley