Once upon a time, when I was working exclusively in sales, I had never really talked to a marketer.

I had enablement calls every once in a while where marketers would send a bunch of leads over, but after these calls I was usually wondering what a sales guy like me really had in common with these strange marketing people (okay, okay they weren’t so bad!).

After talking to more marketers I realized that – especially at larger enterprises – sales and marketing teams can get a bit disjointed and this disconnect isn’t efficient; the teams can’t operate independently. Once I started working at Vidyard I began to understand how marketers can make me look like a superstar and how both sales and marketing have to work together to accomplish goals.

The secret is in the smarketing.

Smarketing: Aligning sales and marketing

Basically smarketing is exactly what it sounds like: the strategic alignment between sales and marketing teams to realize ultimate impact and growth for your business. The SlideShare above includes some practical ways to connect your sales and marketing teams, a revised sales funnel, and how to smarket with video assets in particular. Basically you get a bunch of ultimate tips!

Enjoy, share, and tell me what you think of my fancy slides.

You can also check out this clip to see me in action at Space Camp.

Ian Hutchinson