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May 3, 2016

3 Ways to Squeeze More From Your Marketing Automation

Let’s face it: your marketing automation system is hungry. It’s hungry for leads, and information on those leads. All. The. Time.

That’s why you’re feeding it demographic information to build out stronger persona profiles, and why you’re watching every move your prospects make on your website and what content they’re consuming. Or … almost every move.

Are you tracking engagement with video at an individual prospect level?

Cream of the crop marketers are. They’re adding video to their marketing automation platform. It makes a lot of sense since video is the preferred content medium for today’s buyers and they’re consuming so much of it.

What Do We Mean by “Adding Video to Marketing Automation”?

I know you’re not supposed to answer a question with a question, but I’m gonna break the rules. Here’s my question back to you: How many of your leads have watched your video content? Or, do you know how many minutes they’ve consumed in total? Or what parts of certain videos they’ve re-watched.

With video data synced to your marketing automation platform, you’d know.

Maybe this just seems like a nice-to-have at first glance. I’m telling you, it’s more of a necessity. Audiences are consuming significant amounts of video in their path to purchase, as in more than 30 minutes worth. So even if only 25% of your buyers’ total research was done with video content (which is a low estimate, by the way), you’re missing a huge part of that research picture. And missing this means that you’re not able to identify high-quality leads that are consuming a lot of video content or tailor follow-up nurtures to topics related to the videos they’ve watched.

This is a paint-by-numbers competition and you’re missing the paint for numbers 7 through 10.

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What I’m saying is, with video data synced to your marketing automation system, you can now paint the full picture. And it will be beautiful.

How to Incorporate Video in Marketing Automation

There’s actually a lot more to the perfect pairing of video and marketing automation than a clearer picture of your leads’ interest. Beyond better understanding your prospects, here are 6 opportunities where video will help you get more out of your marketing automation platform:

  • Generating more leads: when your video platform is synced with your marketing automation system, you can use video to generate leads through in-video email gates, full forms, and CTAs.
  • Better scoring and qualifying of leads: Scoring leads based on what video topics they’ve consumed, where those videos fit in the funnel, and how many total minutes they’ve watched will help you better understand your prospects’ interest and their propensity to buy.
  • Capturing more attention with personalized video content: Using the data already available in your marketing automation platform, you can create personalized experiences through the medium your buyers’ are craving (psst … it’s video). Adding their name, position, company, right into the video will help grab more attention and hold it longer.
  • Better engagement with more targeted nurturing: A clearer picture of what your prospects are interested in means you can offer even more accurate and targeted nurtures to help move buyers closer to purchase.

3 Ways to Use Video to Get More out of Marketing Automation

With an understanding now of how video can help you get more out of your marketing automation, check out these three specific ways that you can start using today with 3 Radical Ways to Use Video to Get More Out of Marketing Automation.

Download the guide and learn how to:

  • Increase your monthly leads by 20% by using video to generate leads
  • Better understand your prospects’ digital body language
  • Boost stale contact engagement by 56% with personalized communications

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Kimbe MacMaster

Kimbe MacMaster

Kimbe is the previous Manager of Content Marketing at Vidyard. She loves all aspects of content marketing and has a special place in her heart for using video to drive real business results. She is also moderately (okay extremely) obsessed with her fluffy chow chow, Noah.

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