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August 24, 2016

Are You a Master Video Marketer? Find Out in This 2-Minute Assessment!

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably already using video.
We’d even bet on it.

But that’s not really a big bet to take when 87% of online marketers use video today and 96% of B2B organizations are leveraging video marketing content.

The only thing is, ‘using’ is a pretty loose term. There’s a broad spectrum in the use of video in marketing. There’s a big difference between publishing videos here and there to YouTube (which, hey – no objections here, you’re definitely on the right track!) and generating leads or tracking ROI from video.

Think of it like this: while cracking the egg is the start to any good breakfast, an explainer video on your homepage that lays out all that you do and the problems you solve is the start to any good video marketing strategy. But it is just the start. An uncooked, half-cracked egg never tasted that great. (Okay, to be honest, we haven’t tried).

What Does a Master Video Marketer Look Like?

Beyond creating an explainer video and posting it to your homepage or a thought leadership piece to YouTube and counting the views, there are so many ways to grow. Things like:

  • Getting executive buy in where management truly believes in the power of video and that it can really move the needle in their (and your!) business … and also leveraging this buy in to secure consistent and recurring budget for video marketing.
  • Building brand guidelines specifically for video content and creating re-usable brand assets for a consistent look and feel for all your videos
  • Mapping your video content to your buyer’s journey and creating video content for different areas of the funnel. Plus using in-video CTAs, forms, and other events to help viewers move easily from one video to other content.
  • Expanding your marketing tech stack to include a video marketing platform and even integrating it with your marketing automation platform or CRM so you can track individual viewing behavior on a lead-by-lead basis.
  • Aligning with your sales team on a monthly basis to understand what content would enable their sales conversations and then consistently creating those videos to support them.

… and that’s just a taste!

What does it really take to be a best-in-class video marketer? The Video Marketing Maturity Model can tell you.

The Video Marketing Maturity Model

In the Video Marketing Maturity Model, a framework created by both Vidyard and Demand Spring, we outline the characteristics of video marketers at varying levels of maturity along four different categories:

  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Creation and collaboration
  • Measurement and ROI

Why? Because the best way to grow is to know where you should be growing to. By benchmarking yourself against other video marketers, you can see if you’re a Beginner, Intermediate, Professional, and Master. … Plus, see where the opportunities lie for you to move to the next level.

Master video marketers are the cream of the crop. They have the following characteristics:

Master Video Marketing

Do you think you’re a Master Video Marketer? (It’s okay to say ‘maybe not’). Either way, take the 2-minute assessment to evaluate your current video marketing efforts, see your maturity ranking, and receive custom recommendations on how to improve and move to the next level.

Get crackin’!

take the video maturity assessment

Brendan McCrann
Brendan McCrann

Brendan is the Manager of Video Marketing at Demand Spring. With an extensive education in marketing and digital experience, Brendan is a hands-on creative type who brings a unique combination of video production and marketing consulting skill to every client engagement.

Kimbe MacMaster

Kimbe MacMaster

Kimbe is the previous Manager of Content Marketing at Vidyard. She loves all aspects of content marketing and has a special place in her heart for using video to drive real business results. She is also moderately (okay extremely) obsessed with her fluffy chow chow, Noah.

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