Don’t you love when everything lines up perfectly and is made easy for you? It usually doesn’t happen all the time, but today is your lucky day! We’ve compiled our Video Marketing Handbook as your one-stop-shop for everything from video production to optimizing and tracking your video’s performance. Along with that, we’ve partnered with experts to bring you an incredible resource packed with inspiring examples and proven best practices.

Getting started with video can be daunting. From thinking of what story you’re aiming to tell to strategy and optimization of your video content, producing killer video content and video analytics. There’s plenty to take into account when you and your team are putting together a stellar video marketing campaign. Below are a few key takeaways that will take your video marketing to new heights and make you think a little bit differently about how you’re executing your next video marketing campaign.

Define Your Video Marketing Goals and Strategy

Whether you’ve just stepped onto the scene, or you’ve been using videos for ages, you need a road map outlining what it’s all for, where you’re going, and how you’ll measure success. Your plan doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed (as the performance of your first few videos will often signal some necessary changes as you go), but you should have a good idea of how you’ll align video content with the goals of your company. A solid plan can be the difference between knowing your content is delivering ROI, versus throwing metaphorical spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Use Emotions to Drive Action

One glance at the types of videos brands are releasing these days is enough to see that there’s a huge trend toward content that makes people feel. From laundry detergent to software and everything in between, brands are playing on emotions. Today you’re not merely sold an airline ticket, rather you’re nurtured with a tear-jerking video campaign about families connecting from across the globe; you see friends reuniting and eighty-year-olds boarding their first, exciting flight. This story-based content is everywhere, and you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a reason it’s getting so emotional. Almost 70% of B2B marketers have discovered, video has emerged as the content format that’s most effective for both engaging and converting online audiences.

Understand Performance with Video Analytics

So you’ve created some videos and they’re embedded on your website ready to impress and drive business. You’ve even integrated with your marketing automation platform to track viewers. This is terrific but, after all is said and done, how do you know whether your videos are successful? If your CMO was to ask which videos have been the most effective – which ones you should continue making – how would you answer?

Unfortunately, production and optimization are just the first two parts of the video puzzle and you must become data driven in order to improve your video strategy moving forward. We’ll look at the importance of measuring your video’s performance against setting goals, as well as how to use your audience’s engagement data to determine if your video is delivering ROI. For example, we always suggest aiming to maintain at least 60% of your audience through to the very end of a video (where they can engage with your call to action).

Take the Leap!

There’s (obviously) plenty more than just those key takeaways in our Video Marketing Handbook! So, download the guide below and feel inspired to think more strategically about your video content!

Taylor Jones