Knowledge is power. Like knowing that your top quality leads — those that MQL — are 3.4x more likely to have engaged with video content than those that didn’t. (Psst … Altium knows this!)

This type of knowledge is like TOP TIER® gasoline with 10% ethanol.

It’s the best of the best. Because your prospects are watching video every day, for hours of their day. And a large majority, 72%, are watching all the way through the buying process. But while watching view counts climb might be a good ego boost, it’s not giving you the information you need to identify top opportunities and close more deals.

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Knowing who’s watching your video content, when, and for how long is critical to the smooth running of your revenue engine.

Wait, what’s a revenue engine?

What’s a Revenue Engine?

/ˈrevəˌn(y)o͞o ˈenjən/

A revenue engine is an integrated marketing and sales system that powers your company’s opportunity funnel. It does this by coordinating your strategy, content, technology and analytics so that your organization can better understand your audience’s digital body language and deliver the right message at the right time to the right person at every stage of the buying process.

So remember: knowing who’s watching your video content, when, and for how long is critical to the smooth running of your revenue engine.

Less Idling, More Results

Seriously, we’ve spoken about this a lot. About scoring leads based on the video content prospects are watching and adjusting based on where the video content sits within the funnel, how much of it is watched, and the type of video it is. Or how about knowing when to send a lead directly to sales when they’ve already consumed the threshold level of video that you know their account has a high propensity to close.

We’ve blabbed and blabbed. But great marketers always say ‘show, don’t tell’.

So after all of our preaching, best-practice posts, and ‘how-to’ guides, we have a team to show you first-hand, just how they’ve done this. And how they were able to determine the direct impact their video content has on likelihood to purchase.

Join us for the live webinar! Or … if you’re more of the watch-on-your-own type, sign up to get the recording once the session is over. We won’t judge either way.

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