Hello and welcome to a special episode of Video Marketing How-To! It’s been just over a year since I started putting these things together, so today I want to look at whether this video series was actually successful, or if my mom is the only person who really watches these How-Tos!

First off is the big question – is anyone actually watching all these videos? Thankfully, the answer is yes! By analyzing the last nine videos I published, I can see big spikes on the days they launched, and sadly, diminishing returns in the days after. So the content is popular, but our promotion strategy needs some work. The most popular video was Filming Outside the Studio – which, coincidentally, was also the most fun one to film!

Next, I took a look at a few individual videos to see how well things are going. Here we can see that our drop-off rate is around 50% by the end of the videos. That’s actually pretty good, but I’d like to strive for 60% or higher. It looks like 60% drop-off happens around a minute and ten seconds into the videos, so from now on I will strive to keep these around that long.

Then, I took a look at whether the blog posts themselves are performing well. As we can see from Google Analytics, Filming Outside the Studio yet again topped the list, and had a really high average time-on-site as well. Getting the Most From Your Video Production Agency also ranked pretty highly, so these are excellent topics to explore for future posts. One thing that is important to note is that Performing a YouTube Channel Audit is still in the top five, and that was the first video I published. That’s content with longevity!

Now, the big lessons I take away from this are, you fantastic viewers are looking for more actionable tips and shorter videos. So, with that, I invite you to tune in next month for a quick explanation on how I create fancy transparent overlays. See you then!

Jon Spenceley