Tyler: One of the greatest challenges we face as B2B marketing and sales teams is that we're now living in the attention economy. It's harder than ever to cut through the noise and get the attention of your key prospects, but video can be a great way for you to stand out and get the attention that you deserve, whether you're trying to build brand or generate demand or land and expand new deals. And once you have your audience's attention, what you do with them is up to you.

One of the greatest attributes of online video is it's ability to connect with people in a more personal and human way. After all, what better way to make your brand shine than with online video content.

More and more businesses are using online video across their website, their blog, their customer stories, to bring a face to their brand and to create a more emotional connection with their audiences.

For example, their homepage, their product pages, different solution areas. Video can be a great way to create a more emotional connection with your audience. And I challenge you, take a look at your own website, navigate through the pages and how does it end up making you feel.

Does it make you feel scared, excited or just plain bored?

In addition to using video across your website and your customer stories, using video for your content campaigns and fun culture videos can be a great way to bring your brand to life and to put a smile on the face of your audience. You can even use your own employees whether or not they're great actors.

So remember, brands are like people. Some shine and some don't.

So when it comes to building a more human connection with your audience, make your brand shine with video. Not only is video a great way for you to personalize your outreach and humanize your brand, but it's a killer way for demand gen teams to attract more audiences and convert them into leads to boost conversion rates across a myriad of programs, including digital marketing, email nurturers, content marketing and so on; but there's only one problem.

The dreaded anonymous viewer.

How do you unmask your viewers, to know who's watching what, when and for how long? Well don't be scared. Just ask.

Using pre-roll email gates, mid-roll annotations and post roll CTAs, you can turn any video asset into a source of net new leads, but that's not all.

You don't have to stalk your prospects just to know what they're really interested in. You can use video engagement data to understand which content is resonating, which messages they're leaning into and to identify who's ready to hand off to the sales team.

Sales Rep: Thanks Tyler. Great handoff. Now instead of send out boring plain text email to my prospects, I'm gonna send them a personal video message, like this.

Hey Mike, I notice you were actually looking at one of our product videos and I wanted to reach out with this video message to learn a little bit more about your interest. Looking forward to chatting soon.

Tyler: Personal video messages like these are seeing some shocking results. Many B2B sales teams are doubling or even tripling response rates when following up with prospects with personal video messages.

So whether you're trying to build brand or generate demand, video can be your best trick, to help you generate some more treats.

This has been a Vidyard Shock Talk.