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March 13, 2018

Brands and Not-for-Profits Reach New Heights in Customer Engagement with Personalized Video

Amnesty International, Quorum Software, YMCA and others see record results in customer and donor engagement with personalized video powered by Vidyard

KITCHENER, Ontario – March 13, 2018 – In today’s increasingly digital world, organizations are turning to rich online content to better engage their audience, build brand affinity and increase customer satisfaction. But with so much competing noise online, marketing and customer experience teams are looking for new ways to stand out and connect with their customers in a more personal way. Organizations including Amnesty International, Axonify, Quorum Software and YMCA are embracing personalized video powered by Vidyard to do just that: to create memorable customer experiences that double engagement, increase satisfaction and inspire customer action.

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Modern brands are embracing video as a way to tell better stories and connect with customers in more authentic ways. Personalized video, with its ability to bring the viewer right into the story, is now helping B2B, B2C and not-for-profit organizations truly stand out and connect on a more human level.

“Video resonates with your customers and personalized video gives your brand a human touch at scale,” writes Nick Barber, Analyst at Forrester Research, in a recent blog post. A report that he co-wrote notes that “customers don’t like reading the mounds of information, so savvy companies use video to cut through the clutter and deliver a great experience.”

Not-for-Profits Boost Donor Engagement with Personalized Video

Donors are the lifeblood of most not-for-profit organizations. Maintaining relationships and brand affinity with this community can be critical to the success of fundraising programs. Amnesty International Canada and the YMCA turned to personalized video to reconnect with their donors, to keep their brands top-of-mind and to showcase exactly how their contributions were having an impact.

In late 2017, Amnesty International Canada wanted to send a year-end ‘Thank You’ message to 25,000 monthly donors to share their appreciation for their ongoing support. They produced an engaging personalized video that included each donor’s own name throughout the story to really hit home how their contributions were impacting change. Thanks to their creative execution, this campaign saw an incredible 83.1% click-through rate with more than 75% of those who viewed the video watching all the way to the end.

“All the feedback we’ve received validates that the video made them feel glad to be part of our work, that it’s a great reminder of how they’re helping, and that they feel proud to be part of it. We’ll definitely be using personalized videos in future campaigns of this nature,” says Erin Jones, Monthly Giving Coordinator of Amnesty International Canada.

The YMCA partnered with Media One Creative, a leading producer of personalized video content, to create a heartfelt video that spread their message of support in a meaningful and humanized way. Donors received a powerful video that expressed the gratitude of their beneficiaries while inspiring them with examples of how their donations were having an impact on local communities. The campaign was a huge success, achieving a 76.4% click-through rate from their donors, well above industry norms, with more than 80% of viewers watching all the way to the end of the video.

Making Business Personal with a Memorable Holiday Greeting

What better time of year to spread some cheer than the year-end holiday season? Axonify and Quorum Software, two fast-growing B2B technology companies, recently turned to personalized video to stand out during the holiday season with a message their customers wouldn’t soon forget.

Axonify, a company that is changing the way organizations think about and deliver corporate learning, recently changed their own way of thinking about the holiday season. Rather than sending out the same old greeting card or email, they shared a personalized holiday video to celebrate their customers’ learning results from the previous year and to wish each of them a happy holiday. Known as Operation Red, the campaign garnered nearly double their average engagement rate for customer communications and the types of responses that most marketers dream of.

“Customers went out of their way to thank us for the personalized videos, even those at the executive level, with many claiming this was the best holiday message they’d ever received. This campaign was an astounding success for our team,” says Carrie Cote, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing at Axonify.

Quorum Software was looking for a new way to share a holiday greeting message that would come off as truly authentic and engaging rather than self-promotional. They knocked it out of the park with a creative personalized video that thanked their customers for their support while making them feel more connected to the real people they do business with every day.

“The success of this video was off the charts! We’ve never seen this type of engagement before,” says Aisha Ghuman, Director of Marketing and Field Enablement at Quorum. “Our CTO dressed up as Santa and did a short office tour to introduce customers to our developers, sales reps and marketing team, and to showcase our company culture. It was a huge hit.”

Vidyard also shared an entertaining personalized video to surprise and delight their customers during the recent holiday season. Generating more than 10,000 views and responses like “This is hands down one of my favorite emails ever” and “This might be the greatest present I receive all year, you guys are awesome”, it was a great testament to the power of storytelling and personalization. Not only did customers respond with genuine appreciation, they used a ‘re-gifting’ option to self-generate thousands of personalized versions to share with their own friends, family, colleagues and customers.

For more details on the success of the organizations above and to see their personalized videos in action, check out /blog/wow-customers-with-personalized-video. To learn about other recent successes with personalized video for lead generation, event promotion, email marketing, student recruitment and more, refer to the resources below:

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