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July 21, 2014

Vidyard Integrates With Marketo to Fill Huge Demand for Video Marketing ROI

Vidyard, the world’s leading video marketing platform, today announced its integration with marketing software provider Marketo, allowing businesses to drive and optimize the ROI of their video content. The integration drew crowds of enthusiastic Marketo customers at the 2013 Marketo Summit, where the company unveiled its new line of built-in video marketing tools and analytics powered by Vidyard. The offering is now available through Marketo LaunchPoint.
The Vidyard integration completely breaks open the black box of video by giving Marketo customers the ability to evaluate each piece of video content, its impact on the customer experience and ultimately its direct influence on sales. Users can also track which individual videos or webinars each customer lead watched, and for how long. Vidyard’s powerful video engagement data is pumped directly into the Marketo activity logs, allowing clients to use the data for nurturing, segmentation, scoring and connecting to their CRM.
“Video content has never played a more important role for Marketo customers — it’s a critical piece in their efforts to find new ways to engage with their customers. But what’s been missing has been any kind of visibility on how the content is performing, particularly with respect to its contribution to lead quality, customer engagement and conversions. Vidyard not only delivers this through the Marketo integration, they provide the built-in marketing tools that allow our customers to integrate forms, social sharing and calls to action right into the video itself. That’s exciting,” said Robin Bordoli, Marketo’s VP, Partner Ecosystems.
“The explosion of online video has created amazing opportunities for marketers,” said Michel Litt, founder and CEO of Vidyard. “However until now, video campaigns and metrics have been disjointed from the tools that marketers are using. Vidyard’s video marketing platform pulls all this together to make it easy for marketers to host, manage and measure the effectiveness of all their videos — all in one place. Our integration with Marketo is just another step in pulling video data and insights into the critical platforms that are driving marketing efforts, activity and ROI. It’s our mission to transform how companies grow their business with video, and we’re doing it right now with Marketo users.”
The integration with Marketo amplifies Vidyard’s momentum after the company’s recent Series A funding announcement.

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