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July 21, 2014

Vidyard Launches Integration With Eloqua, Opens Up Black Box Of Video To Expose Customer Behavior

Vidyard, the leading video marketing platform for business, today announced an integration with Eloqua that enables businesses to use video content to capture leads and to identify customer viewing behaviors of all video content. The application, demonstrated to enthusiastic marketers at the 2012 Eloqua Experience Conference, is currently available through the Eloqua AppCloud.

According to Eloqua CTO and Co-Founder Steve Woods, the increasing importance of video content in acquiring and converting customers is not lost on marketers, but there has been little visibility into how prospects are consuming that content, until now. “Eloqua customers have been able to integrate video into their marketing for some time now using YouTube but the video element has remained a black box,” said Woods. “Vidyard gives users full visibility into that black box to identify who’s watching, how long they’re watching and specifically what parts they watch. That’s a big reveal and a very powerful connection to help understand the buyer.”

Vidyard’s integration will also allow Eloqua users to add video lead capture to their list building toolbox. Vidyard’s video email gating feature will allow marketers to enable high-value video content for prospects with a simple email submission.

“Video content is on fire right now and we’re extremely excited to be working with Eloqua to ensure that marketers are able to take full advantage of video at every step of the funnel,” says Vidyard CEO Michael Litt. “For the first time we’re giving marketers insight into customer activities with video. It’s exciting, and we’re just getting started.”

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